Ford EcoSport

Ford has announced a new SUV vehicle to your collection, this time it is the Ford EcoSport, which we might call the little brother of the Ford Kuga. The new EcoSport in principle would be a unique model for the Asian market, particularly to China, but because of the great feelings generated during its development as a Concept, Ford has decided to announce it for sale worldwide.

Few things are known of the new Ford EcoSport, the only thing confirmed is that will be released during 2013 and will share chassis and design of the current Ford Fiesta. This decision is marked by the large sales that has the Fiesta since the last update of design.

Although still just rumors, when the Ford EcoSport goes on sale in 2013 will be available several ranges of the car, with a choice of diesel and petrol, known as EcoBoost and Duratec. In principle there is no evidence for Ford to make this new EcoSport a hybrid model.

Price Ford EcoSport

Although nothing is known about the price of Ford EcoSport, the new Ford SUV from 2013. The EcoSport price can be estimated by comparing the price of the Fiesta, which is based the design and size of the chassis, and Kuga, another Ford SUV of the company but larger than EcoSport.


We estimate the new EcoSport should be priced at between 15000 and 20000 dollars, but as I have said there is no confirmation from the car manufacturer.

Photos of Ford EcoSport

On the right you can see some pictures of the new Ford EcoSport that are available in FordEcoSport.Net

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Ford EcoSport

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